Taking Up Space (And Trying Not To Be A Dick About It)

Have you seen the study that says Men take up more space than Women? I can’t find the initial study that I read but I did find this absolutely not scientific at all study. It doesn’t take a genius to see that. Look at any subway, bus stop, doctor’s office or coffee line. Men stand wide, sit wide and command a greater portion of the room. The women I see right now are standing with arms crossed close, sitting demurely while the men in the room have a wide berth. Arms resting on the coffee machine, legs spread wide when they’re sitting.

They take the space they want. So lately I have been doing the same thing. I am taking my fair share of space and I like it. I went to my first Krav Maga class (more on that and why I’m taking it later) and while we were waiting for the class to start there was a good space on a couch. I sat down and crossed my legs like a man would and spread my arm across the top of the couch. Something like this…without the suit, Krav Maga remember?

Man I love stock photos

Man I love stock photos



There was not one woman who sat next to me, however there was a very nice man that motioned my way and sat down.  I was honestly very surprised at how the women really did shy away, not saying anything to me or to the other men, really sticking with the girls. I tried to strike up a conversation with them before the class as well, only this time I stood firm. Feet apart, open arms but smiling. Always smile.

Side note: A mentor once told me to always smile, on the phone, when you meet someone, whenever you talk etc. it will always make you sound better. She was and is right.

Still the ladies wanted nothing to do with that. I started class near them and througout the warm-ups and the class I slowly migrated toward the men. They were kind, open and welcoming. These bad ass guys who nearly knocked me into next week in the class were as friendly as all get out when I presented myself to them as an equal during the class. Not one of them spoke to the other women in the class and here is where this got interesting.

I am pretty, I know this, I’m proud of the way I look. But I am in NO WAY what I have been told to believe the everyman wants. Boobs? Nope, A/B baby, Hips that will make birth an easy chore someday and thighs like trees. There is no way you would ever confuse me for a model, nope. And yet, because I presented myself to these gents as another bloke I was in. The other ladies in the class were pretty, long legs, nice hair blah, blah, blah but I took up space. I had presence. I was there. Women all too often are not there. Whether they do not want to be there or they don’t have the courage to BE there we are underrepresented in physical space.

While I was very conscious of all the physical changes I was making in taking up space (while trying not to be a dick) I kept seeing a big ol’ lady in a flower. Very cheesy, but it was like a lotus flower and this female buddah like babe was just hanging out in this giant flower. Since I can’t draw and no one at laughing salad central aka photostock has decided to make this image I’ll leave you with an image of my favorite flower in the world big world. The ranunculus, and no, I did not spell that right the first 12 times.



As you can see it’s like a normal flower on roids. Like a rose wanted to bloom, then it sploded. I love them. I would sit in this flower.


Well, I don’t really know what this post has to do with paleo but I’m sure glad I wrote it. And I eat Paleo. So that makes this a paleo post.