First Day Teaching!

I’ve been TAing for a while now at the Institution theatre and I’m finally getting my chance to teach my first class. I’m not usually someone who likes to do things in the evening (perfect for an actor, right?) but I decided my time has come and when they offered I was ready to jump. This evening at 7 pm I will be leading a class of people through something that I love to perform and will hopefully love to teach.

Over the course of the last six months I’ve been learning under some of the improvisers that I admire most here in Austin. Ted, Sarah Marie and Asaf have been amazing to work with and I’m not even nervous about the class thanks to their tutelage.

After a long and very trying weekend I’m looking forward to venting through my improv. I love how I usually can’t stand rehearsal but when I think about leading two and a half hours of lessons I get pretty excited. I know at this point I can’t philosophise about all of things that I’d like to but I can share my experiences and my skill that I’ve gained working for over 20 years as an improviser. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since I started performing, making things up and growing through some really shitty personality traits all the while.

I’m not perfect, no way, no how, and I’m not even close to the nicest person I know but man I used to be mean, spiteful and pretty darn harsh to those around me. I was always defensive and rude and I deflected the joke before it could hit me. Then I stumbled upon the world of making the other person look good, the world of improv. It wasn’t until nearly two decades later that I realized that that was just what happened. On stage I was not on the defensive, I was playing with friends. I was there to make them look good and they were there to make me look good. Holy hell, what a revelation!

Now to go make some students look good. 🙂


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