Going back in time (I forgot to blog)

So as I was writing in bed this morning and looking through my pics I realized that I haven’t written about so much that has gone on here! I’m no realizing this because I think you all missed out on something. This is my travel journal and I put it out there for me. If we ever have a kid, I’ll probably put it here rather than FB. If people want to see my awesome kid, they can come here. I’m not going to force that on FB, or whatever Social Media platform the current people will use.

So, going back in time a few days…Austin, Royce and I decided to use our hard-earned American Monies to go back to Vernonica’s and have some of her (don’t know if there is a her) amazing food. DSCN0291 DSCN0289

Austin took a picture of this little Russian church. One of the oldest in Kenai, maybe Alaska?

Then we went back to the house and Royce and Makena taught us how to play Small World. They are gaming people and this is one of their favorite games. It was fun and they were so patient with us new guys.

DSCN0292After a nice little spell of sitting we went hiking at what we found out was a Ski trail! Oops!

I did find this nice sign. Way to be descriptive Alaska.

DSCN0293We finally found a place for hikers to hike where we didn’t feel like we were trespassing. DSCN0299 DSCN0301 DSCN0305 DSCN0308I like the feet picture. I love boots, I love the cold. It’s making me sad just thinking about coming back to Austin.

DSCN0310Very cool tree. DSCN0311

Our nice loop, I think we’ll go back and do the lake hike but that will have to wait until we get back from Homer.

Then we went to Makena’s family’s house and they let us go into their old place for a SAUNA! After a hike and an epsom salt bath this was amazing. I also informed Austin that I would be marrying the colors of the sky at night.


Really shitty picture of the inside of the super sauna.DSCN0315I love hot saunas. You can sit in there for a while and then practically run naked in the woods for a while after. We slept like babies that night. Long hike, long sauna, and the closing ceremony of the Olympics.

Did you see the fucking crying bear? I couldn’t handle it. I lost my shit. I was gone. Way to go Russia.



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