D’oh! Back to Homer, AK!

So we finally have a few days to travel after ‘Barefoot in the Park’ Closed last week. Austin and I decided to head back to Homer because we had such a short time there during our first trip to Seldovia. 2014-02-15 12.41.00-2

Remember these amazing people? They were our guest Seldovians.

Anyway, I remembered that there were suites above the bakery that we ate at TWO SISTERS, last time we were here and they are pretty affordable for how damn cute they are. 2014-02-25 12.23.03

Austin got right to work for a while. He wanted to finish up with some customers so I took pictures around the cute little suite. 2014-02-25 12.22.30

They had some issues with the heat so we had to keep our windows open all night! Oh, darn! It’s not like we love looking out to this or anything. 2014-02-25 12.23.21

Homer is one of the most beautiful places we’ve seen. It’s like Lord of the Rings, with a beach and good coffee. That’s the best way I think I can describe it.

2014-02-25 12.25.29Here’s some proof of Austin working hard while I play with mirrors.

After I got a bit more of my work done we decided to go on a hike. There were a few trails at the Homestead trailhead that were open to snowshoers but it was really confusing! We hiked along a few paths and just generally had fun in the snow on a really warm day, I think it was about 38, PERFECT for hiking. 2014-02-25 13.00.36 2014-02-25 13.42.07 2014-02-25 14.29.41 2014-02-25 14.40.31

I wish I had taken more pictures after this but we were SO tired! We both decided to go back to the suite and snack on what we call ‘APRES CHEESE’ Which is just cheese you eat after you hike, or something like that.

Then we trekked over to a restaurant called Fat Olives that was recommended to us, turns out it was closed so we went instead to a place called CUPS that was seriously fecking amazing. We had all sorts of seafood and it rocked my sweat drenched socks off.

By the time we got back to the hotel after picking up Epsom Salts for our legs (like a boss) and advil for the swelling (also like a boss) we very nearly fell asleep watching a movie shot up here in Alaska ‘The Frozen Ground’ about a real life serial killer that hunted women. It’s like ‘Surviving the Game’ with Ice T, only real.

Now, just for posterity, I’ll inform you all that I am writing this from a comfy bed, in Homer, AK. Watching the clouds move over the pre-dawn mountains and I can’t help but love this moment, where this life has taken me.

Oh, and there are Loons. Did I mention you wake up to the sound of Loons? 🙂


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