Getting the Show up and Running

These past few days have been all about Barefoot in the Park. This is the show we’ve spent the most time rehearsing and working on, by far, while we’ve been in Alaska. This show has 90 plus pages of dialogue and I’m on every page except for two. Normally the drama queen in me would be LOVING this, but this was a huge undertaking for me. As the minutes inch closer to opening night tonight I’m getting more than a bit nervous. 

Usually I’m just hanging out in the wings waiting for cues, or backstage goofing off until my scene but I don’t leave the stage for more than two minutes for the whole show. It was pretty scary as I got to really memorizing my lines. I have to say this has been the biggest challenge of my acting career. 

We’re all just waiting at the house right now. Only about a half hour before we make our way down to the theatre for the show, one of only two shows we’re doing up here. I’m glad that we’ll be done with the tough part soon but I’m also increasingly sad because that means our time in Alaska is growing shorter. 

I’ve been working on whittling down items while were here. I’ll leave a bag of coffee with people we meet, leave some extra clothes at a donation bin. It seems this trip has been about shedding layers and more layers. I’m picking up the things that mean the most right now. Hard work skills that I should have been using for a long time as an actor. And while it’ll be good to get back to Improv (my favorite performing outlet) I’m going to miss the straight up acting of this show. It may not be my best performance and we’ve only had 10 rehearsals but I think we’ve given it all we have to give. And just two short hours after the show starts it will be done. Then just 24 hours past that, the show will be over forever. Gone. Nothing more. Just like every improv show. Never to be revisited in the same way again. 

Everyone has worked their butts off for this little can-do show. People have put in hard work and I’m excited about these two performances. I know in the grand scheme of things, hell, even the grand scheme of Alaska, we’re in a small venue in a small town but it gives me a small sense of the magic I felt while watching Slings & Arrows, and tonight, when I go onstage I’ll be hearing that magical chime-y music knowing that all the learning, all the education, all the life I’ve led has kept me on stage. I can’t help but smile.


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