From Waco to Wasilla

Alright, so we weren’t going directly from Waco. We were in Austin, but doesn’t that alliteration sound better?

We left with the temperature in Denver being much colder than Alaska. It was around -11 when we left DIA and around 20 when we arrived in Anchorage. No doubt it was a long day but it was probably one of the most fun long-travel days I’ve had. We had to get an early start because of the icy roads but we were all smiles, happy to be there safe and sound. THANKS MOM!

Once we got to Seattle we had a short layover, I wandered around the airport for a while and took in the sights. 2014-02-05 00.13.37

It’s a really pretty airport. I’m imagining it was so quiet because all 700,000 people were in downtown Seattle for the Seahawks celebration. We were all quiet Denver-ites. Austin and I grabbed a quick bite from Wendy’s before hopping on our second flight of the day.

2014-02-05 02.11.51After they announced that we’d be leaving a bit late we sat back an waited for a bit. Then a flight attendant began to talk to one of the passengers who was OBVIOUSLY really drunk. The guy sitting next to him said he had, “a pungent odor about him”. As this was all going on we realized that there was a woman behind the drunk man who began to get up and prepare herself should something go wrong. I noticed that she pulled out a small black wallet and then I knew! She was an Air Marshall!  She was a legitimate, bad-ass air marshall. The guy didn’t put up a fight, and he left the flight without problem but she was ready to go. She pulled the flight attendant aside and told them they did a wonderful job.

Then, and this is the best part, they gave us all FREE DRINKS because the Seattle Seahawks won! We may be from Denver but we’ll take a free drink if you’re giving it out!

2014-02-05 03.36.29Cheers to FAKED ALASKA’S first free drink!

Today we’re in a small town outside of Wasilla called Willow and we’re working from the home of a fantastic family. Because I’m going to be working towards Competitive Rowing when I get back to Austin I’m working on staying fit while I’m cabin bound. So today I did a workout with no weights from Carrots n Cake. I follow her in pinterest and she has lot’s of hard workouts that are great for the time crunched.

Here’s the link. Enjoy, it’s harder than it looks.





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