Packing up (mostly psychological baggage)

This week is our last week in Texas before Austin and I pack up our car with Whiskeydog and make the trek up to Colorado. A few days after that we’re off to Alaska.

Austin and I are lucky enough to know a few amazing people who are making this trip possible. While we’re up there we’ll be performing improv comedy and a short three-show run of Barefoot in the Park.

I’ll start with the most uncomfortable part. The lines. I’m fine packing-up things, freaking out about what to bring, the anxiety about what I’ve forgotten, the feeling of missing out on friends/family/fun functions, I’m fine with all of that. Memorizing lines? That might just end me.

I spent over an hour the other day just getting 10 pages of Neil Simon dialogue, and it made me dizzy. I knew there was a reason I stuck to singing and improv. I can “make-em up” with the best of them and I can memorize a song after hearing it only a few times. I could do improv and singing all day long. Put me in front of a script and I start to lose my mind.

The biggest problem I’ve been having is getting the lines word for word. I’ve had this problem since I started acting. I will give the “gist” of the line to my fellow scene partners and from there I expect them to pick up their cues. Wrong. I can’t do that. Every actor needs their Cue Line so they know when to speak. Now, this show is 90+ pages long and I’m on all but two of them. It is frightening, daunting and I’m only 21 pages in but I’ll get it, and damnit I’ll be proud when I do.

I’ll be out of my element. I like to say that I’m very German about things. I like to wake up at a certain time and I like to go to bed whenever I want to. I don’t like others touching my stuff because I have it places where I want it, and it’s clean and it’s nice and JUSTDON’TTOUCHIT.  Ok, it’s not that bad, but sometimes it feels like it.

I think once we get up there it will be just fine. I just know that in the past I haven’t been one of those free-spirit, drop everything, take-nothing travelers. I like to have things planned out, I like to know where I’ll be sleeping the next night and I really like the option of taking a hot shower. Don’t get me wrong, I know that I won’t be living on HOTH but it’s still a far cry from Austin,TX. See! We have snow is TEXAS! 2014-01-25 08.47.20 2014-01-25 08.47.17

I think I just need to get my travel bug back. I traveled through New Zealand on my own for two weeks and I’ve lived in other countries just fine. This will be just fine. I need to keep reminding myself about this. Just take a breath and keep packing. Or start packing. Whatever.

But Hey! I bought Boots!

2014-01-25 13.38.55


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