Weekend Recap and Reflection

Another week closer to February and I’m finally beginning to feel the excitement of a trip in my near future. But that’s next week. This past weekend was a great chance to reconnect with family, old and young, close and distant. It was the great equalizer of the family world, the wedding. I love weddings. I LOVED my wedding and I love dancing and doing all the fun things associated with weddings. This time it was my cousin Dan and his amazingly lovely new-wife Danielle getting married. This is from my father’s side and there were so many cousins in town, and babies, and new relationships and old ones. I had no idea how much time had gone by until I realized that these people are all out on their own, living lives and starting or CONTINUING families.


We picked up my parents at the airport on Thursday and took them to one of our favorite mexican restaurants here in Austin, Pulvos. The food was great, as always, and their service has gotten so much better! We took them to their rental car and then took them out to Freedman’s for dinner. Freedman’s is some of the best, most consistently great food we’ve had in Austin. Their drinks are great and their people are friendly.

Friday I had an early row and then we met up with my parents to introduce them to Whiskey, our dog. They’re going to be keeping her while we’re away next month so they wanted to spend time with her. We took her for a walk and we introduced them to coffee, the best coffee in the world. Anderson’s. Then it was time for the rehearsal dinner!

Whiskey, up close.

Whiskey, up close.

My amazing cousin Dan hired out Cru: Wine bar in downtown austin for the party. It was wild to see so much of my family all grown up and financially stable. The night came and went and we were so friggin tired. I had to be up early the next morning so we took a car2go home.

Like mother, like dog-ter.

Like mother, like dog-ter.

Saturday was the wedding. We spent more time hanging out with the rents and grabbed some lunch at some place that serves food then they went to the wedding and reception at  the Driskol hotel in Austin…amazing. We weren’t technically invited to the reception but we decided to crash, and it was welcomed. Not a bad crash, a good crash. At the wedding I was asked to sing an Irish Lullaby that makes me cry and makes me think of love every time I sing it. This is a big Irish family so I was more than happy to oblige the requests.


That moment up there, singing, made me realize that I need to refocus on my singing and get that moving. I am never happier or more at ease than when I am singing. Alone, with people, doesn’t matter. Love it all.

Also, they had a photo booth, which always makes me happy. Who says I’m not my father and mother’s child. I look just like them.

Sunday was still a fun day! We went to Russell’s for brunch (FREE MIMOSAS) and then we took Whiskey for a walk out to Red Bud Island, one of the great off leash places here in Austin.

photo-2 copy 3

Mum and Dad had to leave but I know we’ll see them soon. It’s never fun to see parents leave but I’m glad to know we’ll be back in CO soon for a spell. All in all, it was a fun filled, family-filled weekend.

2014-01-19 15.02.572014-01-19 15.03.26-1


And there was the Photo Booth.


1 thought on “Weekend Recap and Reflection

  1. Whirlwind weekend. lots of fun though, although it was cramming a lot into a few days, but I enjoyed doing it that way so there was no downtime about what to do and where to do and since we had the pre-scheduled wedding to monitor our timeframes, it was good. Came home with a bug though, so would’ve rather left that one in Austin for someone else to carry.
    so excited about your upcoming trip to Alaska, we are parents that forever live & travel vicariously, through our children. so happy for them to seek out these opportunities and then seize them.

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