A VERY long holiday ho-ho-ho my God

Welcome back to my brain. The holiday season is still in full swing in our land. We had a fantastic Christmas day in Lubbock and now we’re on to Ft. Worth, TX where we have more family.

Dog Tired.

Dog Tired.

We drove for about 6 hours to get to Austin’s parents’ house and after that long day we were pretty tired. Whiskey slept right on me all night. And yes, those are the best pants I’ve ever been given. They have tiny french Bulldogs on them. I love them and I wear them every night and while I work from home some days.

We got a bit rested-up and took the Christmas, by the fireplace pictures. 2013-12-25 10.13.322013-12-25 10.15.02-2Then I had to pic Whiskey up to get a better picture.

We celebrated Christmas morning with a long walk in the park with Whiskey before opening presents. I saw this very pretty feather covered in dew. I chose to not imagine the nasty goose that the feather came from. The geese in Lubbock are angry, vengeful geese. 2013-12-26 09.10.51Then we had breakfast and did the present thing. I have to admit, my gift-giving skills are finally getting better. I’m slowly hoarding presents throughout the year to give to people and that alone makes the final push of commercial gifts much easier for me to deal with.

Our good friends live in Lubbock so we went to their annual cookie party on Boxing day!2013-12-26 11.24.56 2013-12-26 11.24.51 2013-12-26 11.24.48 2013-12-26 11.24.42It was a blast. There were kids, babies, tons of amazing food and some of the best friends I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. We all talked for hours and had a great time. Liz, one of our friends makes amazing food, like beyond what your normal friends can do. She’s a baker and has kitchen knowledge in her DNA. She introduced me to the Test Kitchen Podcast which made the trip to Ft. Worth much easier.

Sometimes I wonder how people manage to talk for hours at bars, or stay at friends places all night playing games and then I find a group like this and it all makes sense. They are honest, genuine and funny. Hard to find in some big metropolitan towns.

We FINALLY saw the hunger games that night! It was pretty damn good. I really like the books and this movie was spot on.

Friday we were on the road again, this time to Ft. Worth to visit more family. 2013-12-27 16.35.20 2013-12-27 12.12.57 2013-12-27 16.33.29On this trip we were road ready. Whiskey was asleep in five minutes.

This route took us only about 4 hours so we were just in time for Dinner! His family wanted to take us to this amazing BBQ place called Woodshed in Ft. Worth. Totally Ft. worth it! 2013-12-27 18.48.42There is always a meat on the spit and all of the seating is outdoors or covered outdoors. Really fun place and I’m sure it’s extremely busy in the summer porch-sitting season. We were a bit chilly last night but that was fine…because they had Snuggies free to use! I’m guessing they make them a terrible print so no one wants to run away with the. 2013-12-27 18.43.09

I really liked my “travel plait” as one friend called it. I call it the Katniss hair.

Anyway, the food. Great BBQ, inventive dishes but solid meat. You can’t mess with the originals so I decided to stick with Brisket and a three-kale salad to mix it up a bit. It was ON! The brisket was good and moist without being too fatty and the salad has just the right amount of pork-to-kale ratio that made it all come together.

Their BBQ sauce had a good vinegar to it, I don’t care for the ones that are too sweet so it totally hit the spot. If I had to live in Ft. Worth this would be a mainstay. The prices were good and the food was damn good. 2013-12-27 18.46.53 2013-12-27 18.46.59 2013-12-27 18.47.56 2013-12-27 18.48.09Next time we go back, it’s time for goat.

Now it’s time for Christmas part 2. Second part of the family and then later this week it’s my Birthday! I’m very excited because we’ll be at a party that has nothing to do with my birthday. But I’m going to do a post on that later. I have a lot of thoughts about Birthdays in general that I’m looking forward to sharing.


One thought on “A VERY long holiday ho-ho-ho my God

  1. wow, that is an exhausting road Christmas, but I know it’s not going to be the norm for your new ‘family’ but each holiday will bring another changeup. that’s what families do to you, just always have to remember how to keep the ‘fun’ in ‘dysfunctional’……….. our family motto. 🙂
    love you both and missed you both so very much.

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