Trail of Lights! and Giant Jackalopes

Last night one of our friends suggested we go to the Trail of Lights which is a great, FREE event here in Austin during the holiday season. We decided to take a Car2go there so we wouldn’t have to pay for parking. It turned out great even though the police didn’t quite know how to handle the large amount of people this first night.

2013-12-10 17.54.36We got all bundled up and went out into the frigid (read 50 degree) weather of Austin the in early Winter. It’s a great light set-up they have all through Zilker Park and it was the perfect thing to get us into the Christmas Spirit!

2013-12-10 18.38.13

You were supposed to stand under this giant tree and spin so it gave you a cool (yet dizzy) feeling. It made us feel like kids…or drunks.

2013-12-10 18.38.53 2013-12-10 18.39.11 2013-12-10 18.42.07

This is the weird log-fire-thing. Whatever, Christmas!
2013-12-10 18.59.19 2013-12-10 19.00.46 2013-12-10 19.07.47 2013-12-10 19.08.02

Photobombing Triceratops. Boom. Got-ya. 2013-12-10 19.09.14 2013-12-10 19.10.16 2013-12-10 19.14.51

Very Creepy Elf or VCE2013-12-10 19.19.28At the end we took a nice little group picture and made our way home WITHOUT traffic. It seems like you can only drive freely in Austin when it’s 8:00pm or 3:00am. The traffic here is just terrible. But hey, we put up with it for good friends, good lights and Christmas. photo 4


photo 3I love things that are tiny and things that are huge, this is the counterpoint to my tiny spoon collection.


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