Whirlwind Week and Restaurant Food

Heart coffee

Heart coffee

Whew, this week has been crazy so far and it just about to get crazier. It’s not all great stuff, some long meetings and some fun things but I’m wiped out already! And this coffee has been the way I’ve started every day so far. Waking up early, which I love, is hard but necessary when you need to get the day moving fast.

We have a new co-worker in town so I’ve been doing a lot of eating out. So far one dinner, one lunch and one breakfast. The dinner was last night at Estancia. Basically it’s one of the Spanish meat-on-a-stick places. If you’ve never been it’s fun but as much as I love meat I stuck with their super (and half priced) salad bar. My boss bought a bottle of Cuvee (similar to Champagne) so I had about a glass and half.

Salad Bar

Salad Bar

Meat on a stick

Meat on a stick


I’m usually all up in that meat, but I wasn’t really feeling it and I knew we’d be eating out a lot this week so I chose to go the salad route.

This morning I was glad I did. When I eat too much salted meat I can’t get my rings on in the morning and while I love the salty taste I really like my wedding ring, so there’s the trade-off.

Then today we were in an all day meeting. We broke for lunch around noon and headed (on foot, yay!) to the Cheesecake Factory. restnutch_58_The-Cheesecake-Factory_290x165


One thing I really like about the Cheesecake Factory is that they have nutritional info posted on their website, and while it’s not complete, it’s a good place to start. Because I lead the paleo life I’m usually safe with a Cobb Salad without the blue cheese and dressing. I just use oil and vinegar and it turns out just fine for my taste. I cut down on not so great oils and I up the protein with all of the meat and eggs in the salad.

When I got home from the meeting I had time for a VERY quick nap so Whiskey decided to  join me. Austin snapped this quick pic of us snoozing.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Then I headed out to the boathouse for a session on the water. BY THE WAY…OMG that lil pup is cute. She has a bed but she likes to sleep close to where we are.

Anyway, off to the boathouse to cox a boat for the evening and then off to row early in the morning on Thursday. Then another breakfast with the working bunch at a Denny’s-like restaurant here called JIM’S. Because it’s similar to Denny’s I usually stick with an egg centered breakfast and then pair it with steamed veggies and add butter, if they have REAL butter. If not, I go with some other greenish option.

So that’s how I work things out when I HAVE to eat out. What are your best options when you are eating out all the time?


1 thought on “Whirlwind Week and Restaurant Food

  1. Great pictures of the food fare, made me hungry, and that’s saying something for me lately. Nerves you know. can’t wait to meet and squeeze and hug that little pup for ourselves. she will have enough companions to play with, for sure. we’ll give her quality time though too, we always do. thanks for the update-break. 🙂

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