Tis the Season…for snow in Texas?

Yep! I bundled up early this mooring, 6:30 is early in my world right now, and took a walk with a friend. We usually walk twice a week and one of those times we take Whiskey dog with us.

Better Bundle up!

Better Bundle up!

As you can see by my mannish selfie that it was indeed chilly today. It FINALLY got below freezing here in Austin. My friend and I trekked out at 7am to go on our (about)3 mile walk out and back again. It’s one of my favorite ways to start the day and then we almost always finish up with a coffee from Anderson’s Coffee. Seriously, I know I’ve talked about them before but $1 for a great cup of coffee?!?! You cannot beat that with a stick. A big, caffeinated stick.

When we got home we were greeted with SNOW!!!

photo 3



OK, fine, not snow…frost. It’s as close as this Colorado girl gets to snow in this place. It was a welcome friend and I’ll be sad to see it go. Even worse, this lovely chilly weather will be gone by the weekend when the high will be hitting 84. 84 degrees. 50 Degrees more than this morning. I don’t think this often but F*%k Texas winters. Wait, scratch that, I just checked the weather again and it’s going to be 85. I sigh.

I’m so ready for the cold as you can see by my mirror’s decoration in the first photo. Even my Frenchie Calendar is getting in on the fun.

French Bull Turkey

French Bull Turkey

This is my rendition of the French Bull-Turkey. I love Frenchies so, so much and thus one of my best friends (who fled this state because it was too hot, amongst other reasons) gave this to me for my Birthday this year. God I miss you Megan!

I’m done with this heat business. I’m ready to move and get out of here. There are a few options on the block right now:



Northern Cali

East Coast (somewhere near water)

We have a few stipulations for the place that we’ll move:

Must have rowing (for me), must have a good theatre environment (for him), must have good improv scene (for both of us), MUST have all for seasons but we wouldn’t mind if fall was most of the year.

It’s not too much to ask and both of our jobs let us work from home so we have some traveling to do. I’m always down for some good travel. Speaking of, I have a secret about some big time travel coming up in the near future. It’s very exciting, we’re just nailing down plans now. Hint: I won’t have to worry about being hot…AT ALL.


One thought on “Tis the Season…for snow in Texas?

  1. I would like to add another region for your consideration, although we would love if you moved back to rocky mountains, what about the great NW? hmmmmmm Roslyn, Washington territory (aka Cicely, Alaska)…. ring a bell?

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