And more Working!

I can say with full confidence that I am so happy it’s a new week. This week will be like a weekend compared to this past Saturday and Sunday. And while I still love working and rowing it was that plus so many other things that had me running around like a crazy person. And I really like relaxing weekends, leisure time, and time to myself so this weekend was a bust in regards to those (save for late Sunday night, Thanks Austin!)

I had another chance to row with my lovely crew the G.I. Rows on Sunday early EARLY morning. We row at 7:30am which is not that early until you realize it’s Sunday morning and that hour does not usually exist for most people on Sunday. We were down one rower who was not feeling well so we rowed our boat with 7 and sent her some love.

Sending love to our missing rower.

Sending love to our missing rower.

My eyes were tactfully closed. I don’t know what that means but it sounds better than, “I look like a crazy person who closes her eyes and makes a shhhh face while taking pictures.”

Mardee, the last person in the boat (our bow) is wearing a hat that looks like a seal because I posted a video about a baby seal that jumped onto a boat in Canada and took a ride with their crew until it saw its mother and went back into the water.

Mardee wore her hat to recreate the seal on the back of the boat!!

Mardee wore her hat to recreate the seal on the back of the boat!!

How cute is she?! Adorable. I love me some Mardee. Hell, I love my whole crew. They put up with my sox! How could I not love them.

Love me some rowing socks.

Love me some rowing socks.

They also put up with my spandex selfies. I’m sending this one to Jen Sinkler’s #close the thigh gap program.

Boom, flexin' it.

Boom, flexin’ it.

No way, no how I have a thigh gap. It’s this absurd idea that women need to have a gap between their thighs when they stand with their feet together. I dig this next one because it has a Rosie the riveter look to it. Like buff ladies who used to play sport when they called it “Sport”. Screw the thigh gap and thinsperation. It’s taken me a while to be ok with this body, dammit if someones going to make me feel crappy for having a different biological, skeletal and genetic makeup than them.

Love me some broken mirror action. We didn't break it, I swear.

Love me some broken mirror action. We didn’t break it, I swear.

Also, before they had iPhones to take selfies with.


Anyway, after I rowed I had to hoof it to retail work-job where the Christmas season is already in full swing! What? Yes, hell yes. Or heavens yes…whatever. I love working the crazy retail world. When you’re done with the day, in most cases, you punch your card and leave. You don’t have to worry about the boss, the paperwork, the reports, you just leave. I love it. I’m working with students and 18 year olds and career retail people. Honestly, I love it. I love getting out of the house, talking with people and helping them pick out nice-and-shineys (as I call them).

Then I was able to come home and relax after an improv rehearsal. Thank God it’s the new week, that’s all I have to say.



One thought on “And more Working!

  1. I am sooooo happy that my socks are finally appreciated for what they are…………focks…. Fun Socks, or I guess they could be called Funcks…… but I prefer Focks……

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