NOT Mystery Science Theatre


This evening after work Austin and I headed with his boss and my friend to Austin’s very own Master Pancake Theatre. It’s similar to the idea of Mystery Science theatre only without the lawsuit that might come from using a name like MST3K. 

I’ve been scoping them out for a while now, seeing shows here and there to get a feel for their comedic style. Much of my core humor came from beginnings founded deeply in the British version of ‘Who’s Line’, the Simpsons, MST3K, and Pete & Pete. I’ve seen some shows where it’s a full male cast and some where Mary Jo Phel. She added a much-needed feminine element to everything she was a part of, even if she wasn’t the one saying the lines. But it wasn’t her feminine appeal the spoke to my young brain, it was her intelligence, and the intelligence of all of the shows that became my beginnings in comedy. This is why I still IMMENSELY enjoy Master Pancake. They have intelligence mixed with humor mixed with a little comedic love of good and bad movies. And yes, I am trying to suck up to them incase they have auditions coming up.

Back to tonight. We went to the send-up of The Dark Knight Rises. Because there are butterflies with shorter lifespans than this movie they have to take out significant chunks for time and do a short “play” to replace the scenes that were cut. To add to the improv feeling of the show they ask and audience member to step into one of the roles. This night they needed a Bane but they only had a small woman’s coat. Like the performer I am, I jumped at the chance to get on stage. Thus, LadyBane was born this night, unfortunately this is also the night she died.


That's me on the right, of course.

That’s me on the right, of course.

So I fought Batman, won, and then I was faced with a worthy adversary of equal collar popping fame. 1000613_10151994272614269_132315435_n

Because I am not skilled at doing Bane’s voice the very talented Mr. Doug Benson provided the vocals for my visual stylings. He was in town for Fun Fun Fun Fest here in Austin and he was the special Mystery Guest for the show. BY1YkKiCMAAPgHT

It was a good experience. I went and thanked the crew and grabbed a quick picture before we had to head home.

All-in-all it was a pretty damn good Monday. I had the chance to work some stage time and I had a whole TWO people tell me I was a good Bane. Either that or my dress was tucked into my tights. I still can’t tell.


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