Morning Ritual with Nespresso

Working from home is a gift. And I take full advantage of this gift. I generally wake-up, earlier now that the sun is rising at a normal time. I do all the normal morning stuff but and stare at this awesome face for a bit before I get my day started.

This is her raspberry face.

This is her raspberry face.

After all the morning stuff all humans do, but before I get dressed I get to pick a pod from the fish bowl of fun!!

Love my fish bowl full of new Nespresso

Love my fish bowl full of new Nespresso

When we went to honeymoon in Paris we had a Nespresso machine in our apt. We fell in love with it almost faster than we fell in love with Paris. It’s an amazing little machine that, up until recently, was only sold in William Sonoma, Sur la Table and other cuisine specific stores. We bought ours two years ago at William Sonoma and never looked back. It has been our coffee go to for two years.



Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pour-over coffee, or any coffee in the early AM, as much as anyone else but this machine takes the espresso to the next level. It’s so compact and easy to use. There is no clean-up and you can recycle the pods! We love it on every level. There are attachments for milk but we’re not big moo-juice fans so we got the simple Pixie model. Each flavor of coffee, or different intensity, has a different color pod.

Invasion of the PODS!!

Invasion of the PODS!!

Aren’t they beautiful?! I always ask for them by color, not name or intensity but Austin knows them all and where they’re from and all their information. He’s just fancy like that.

So with the Nespresso you can make a regular espresso or a long cup (basically a very long espresso pull) . There are different pods for each of these if you want to get very specific with your coffee. In the early AM I’m happy to reach into the fishbowl and pick out a color to start my day.

Coffee, tea and mornings in general are where I work best, along with late afternoon, those are my golden hours. I always turn to java and tea to get me going and Nespresso has never let me down.

They have bigger machines and add-ons but we are so happy with our little guy we’ve never wanted to upgrade. And before you try to compare it to a Keurig or whatever they’re called, just don’t. Go to Williams and Sonoma, Sur, or EVEN TARGET NOW and ask for a sample if they have a demo machine. This will change the way you see espresso and coffee in general. The nespresso pods don’t come in sugary flavors, no crazy artificially sweetened concoctions. Just actual coffee. Calm yourself and enjoy it black.

It's in my coffee!

Straight Pull.

This is coffee without anything in it! That’s natural crema from the machine. Beautiful.

You can also enjoy it with a bit of coconut milk like I do every now and again, or with one of my paleo coffee cream concoctions.

Afternoon Concoction.

Afternoon Concoction.

Did I mention I have a thing for tiny spoons? Well I do, and this is one of my favorites recently brought back from Minnesota for my collection by an awesome husband that I know.

Anyway, back to my coffee! In summation, if you all are in the market for an amazing (not just) coffee maker take a look at the Nespresso.

Note: I was not paid, not contacted or taken out to dinner by anyone at Nespresso. I just really love them and their products. I could probably, and may, write several more posts about this in the future.

Nespresso, I love you.


3 thoughts on “Morning Ritual with Nespresso

  1. so what’s your favorite ‘colour’ ? regular or decaf? want to stock up for the holidays ya know! since you were loving enough to gift us with the same amazing machine…. we have refilled our own personal glass container a number of times already and always a mixture.
    love that quick espresso shot in the morning, but we do the whipped milk attachment they offered, it’s amazing……… you’ll have to try it at Thanksgiving…. never tried whipping coconut milk, hmmm.

  2. Love your pics and I love nespresso, purple arpeggio being my fav. I have a Krups Nespresso 896 machine. My pods stay in their tubes in the box. I have some decaff ones too, for when I want coffee in the evenings.

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