In Texas? Did you Vote?

I did! And I was ashamed that until that day I didn’t know where I was supposed to vote.

I voted, did you?

I voted, did you?

Luckily Austin knew where our closest polling place was and we drove on over before doing the shopping for the week. It was kind of sad, there were so few people at the booths. Texas has some very strict voting ID laws so I was concerned that I might have some issues. I use my married name in some cases but in others I use just my maiden name. This causes some confusion at Drs. offices, the post office, but I can’t remember who has which name all of the time. Thankfully there were no issues and Austin and I were in and out of there in under 10 minutes.

Here’s hoping you voted! And in case you have any questions about voting in Texas here are a few helpful sites.

Texas Voting Laws

And one of my Super Smart friends here in Austin is a great guy to follow at Glazer Group. 


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