Boston (Day 2-3)

I woke up early-ish on Friday morning and had a nice coffee with my host Harriss. He owns the house where I was renting a room. It worked out very well because his house is only about a mile from the Charles so I could walk into town pretty easily and the walk was just BEAUTIFUL. I only realize now how lucky I had it that weekend. The weather was never higher than 71 and never lower and 42. IMG_3808 IMG_3809After having a decent cup of coffee I went the park next door to do a HIIT workout to start my day off right. I knew I wasn’t going to have access to a gym for the entire trip so I would have to make do without and come up with my own routines.


5 X 20 Frog Jumps

5 X 20 Push-ups

5 X 20 Knee-touch Jumps

5 X 1 min plank hold

5 X 20 Jump Switches

I didn’t think it would be a full workout but I was so wrong. I went through each exercise once and then did it four times more just to break up the monotony. It worked and it was a great workout.

I got showered and took off on foot into Boston in the daylight. I hoofed it to the volunteer tent to see if they needed any assistance for the HOCR. I was orginially supposed to be an Umpire but my sister was coming into town so I couldn’t do the full weekend that they needed, I was hoping to jump in if someone else called in but they said they were fully staffed. This REALLY bummed me out because I love, love to volunteer.

Ah, well. There was plenty of day to burn before I had to go to the hotel so I hit the coffee shop again, and made my way around Boston once more. IMG_3860On the way back to Harriss’ house I saw this Church on Stilts!

Once I made it to his house he kindly drove me to our hotel a few miles away where I met up with my friends from TX. My sister arrived later that night and we picked up a few of the younger volunteers from PA and CA.

Many of the volunteers are much older so we all had a certain bond very quickly and, luckily we all like Archer. Or else it might have gotten dicey.


Most of my friends were up and gone very early for their volunteer shifts. My sister and I drove close to the Charles for the first day of our little trip together. First though, Katie wanted a waffle. I’m mostly a whole food fan so I just had some hard-cooked eggs. She is Leslie Knope in her food choices, Waffles or nothing. IMG_3864 IMG_3868

We walked to the river to watch the first of the races and we went by the volunteer tent, just to check and see if they needed anyone…one last try.

IMG_3874SUCCESS! Volunteer hat and jacket!! They have the BEST volunteer jackets and hats for the HOCR.

We walked around the rest of the day feeling pretty good so we did a little shopping. First we stopped at the Sperry Topsider Tent to get some new shoes and to get HOCR oars branded into the leather! So incredibly cool of them to do this. IMG_3877We spun the Sperry Wheel for prizes!

IMG_3880 IMG_3884 IMG_3888 IMG_3894 IMG_3897 IMG_3914 IMG_3916


Can you tell I love these shoes? I think I took more pictures of them than of boats. But I managed to get some good ones of Katie and I.

IMG_3879After this we met up with Amy, another volunteer friend from NY. Then we walked about 250 miles around the Charles to end up at Panera for a quick bite. There, KT and I felt like we wanted a nap, hard.

IMG_3953We also saw some really fun things this day. IMG_3940

This Mini Cooper Launch (boat)


This pretty little bridge pillar (Anderson Bridge)
IMG_3955Our post-Ron Swanson dinner in downtown Boston. They had all of their meat on display, yes, that is what I said. By the way, I think we paid more for parking in downtown Boston than we did for our food. Must learn where the cheap parking is in Boston for the next trip.

Soon…day 4! Volunteering Success!!







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