Boston (Head of the Charles Regatta) Sounds Fancy! Day 1

Well, let me tell you, it was totally fancy, and more fun than I could ever imagine. I headed out early on Thursday morning and Whiskey did not like the idea that I was leaving again.

This is her raspberry face.

This is her raspberry face.

Still, I had to leave, and leave I did. Man, oh, man! If I ever take the trip to Boston from Austin I’m going to find a direct flight. My flight into Houston was just fine, but it was 45 mins late, leaving me 4 minutes to make it across the terminal to make my flight to Boston! I made this freak-out face.


Me freaking out!!!

Me freaking out!!!

However, the other sprinters, and myself, made the plane! Also, we were greeted on the plane by a bitchin’ tail wind that got us there an hour earlier than planned! Yay for not taking new public transportation in the dark.

The downside of all of this was that I had to leave Austin alone for most of his birthday. Boo. I’m sorry hun. But he did have a few parties, two cakes and lots of friends around him so I think he’ll survive.


Fuzzy, but cute.

My first day in Boston I went down to the Charles, grabbing a cup of coffee along the way at this great little place called Hi-Rise.IMG_3817 IMG_3816 IMG_3815 IMG_3813



On the way down I got a great taste of Boston life. By the way, they have SO. MANY. PLAYGROUNDS.


Loveable dog that watched children for 20 minutes.


Beautiful parks.


Right before they made it into the WORLD SERIES!


Even the steps are beautiful here

I finally made it to the Charles after an hour-long saunter around Harvard Square and I took  a selfie or two and saw the crews practicing! Finally, I feel like I’ve found my people.


Required Selfie at the Charles


Mr. John Harvard, so regal and his pretty shoes shine! Yes, I touched the toe.






Practice Time!


So many trucks. So many boats. So many College men.


It’s so Autumnal


View from the Cambridge boathouse.


Peeking inside the Harvard Boathouse.


This was just one day! And I didn’t even get to spend the whole day in Boston. I haven’t traveled by myself in a long time, and while it makes the actual plane travel easier it’s very lonely. It’s nice to not have to adhere to others schedules and to-do lists but I’m finding out I really do love having a focus for my travel or traveling with friends or Austin.

I used to travel by myself all the time when I was younger but now, or at least on this trip, I really enjoyed talking to friends when I had them there. Maybe I’ve lost a bit of my independence, or maybe I just need to learn how to travel on my own again.

I feel like if I would have been volunteering or working on that first day I would have been fine, but now I know that I need a focus, something to work on. I have wanted to be a part of something bigger for a while and getting the chance to volunteer for the Head of the Charles was just what I was looking for.

This is just day 1~ Get ready for the fun to begin on Day 2.



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