BBQ and a Birthday!

It was Austin’s birthday over the weekend so we had a Ron Swanson Soiree! Basically we grilled up a whole bunch of meat and drank a few different flavors of Whiskey. If you all know Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec then you know how much he loves meat. Well, my husband is very similar to Ron in a lot of ways and meat is just one of the many.

As one of his many gifts he got this day he received…you guessed it! Meat! The burger below is the P-SCARY from P-Terrys. P. Terry’s is a local joint with GREAT burgers that are all-natural and pretty damn tasty! The P. Scary burger is extra meat-extra bacon and, I believe, four or five meat patties. I’ll see if I can find the picture of the actual burger.

Austin doesn’t usually eat bread but he made an exception for this one.

The P-Scary!

The P-Scary!

The day after his birthday we had a great BBQ with a lot of the Paleo people of Austin. The founders of PFX were there along with so many great people hauling in great food! While we were there I surprised Austin with a cake and everyone sang him happy birthday!

Special thanks to ERIK for the wonderful pictures!

Always a thumbs up.

Always a thumbs up.

IMG_1830 IMG_1831

More food!

More food!

Always a diggable feast.

Always a diggable feast.

That's Austin with the chops!! Mutton Chops!

That’s Austin with the chops!! Mutton Chops!

That's me in the stripes

That’s me in the stripes

We really love birthdays in our family. It means something so much more than cakes and gifts. It’s really a celebration of that person, their life, and it’s a chance to show them how glad we are that they are in this world and in our lives. Because I’ll be leaving for Boston on his birthday I wanted to make sure he knew he was loved 🙂

It was a long weekend of Meat, BBQ, and more meat and we’re glad it’s done. So, cheers to weekends and birthdays!

Hope your weekend kicked ass!

Hope your weekend kicked ass!


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