Girls Weekend!

Yee Haw! Austin was gone for the weekend so I had a girls weekend.

(Note: that means it was me and Whiskey.)

(Sub-Note: Whiskey is the dog, not the drink)

Whiskey and I enjoy long walks by the river, drinking espresso, and sunglasses. Ok, so most of that is just me but hey, it gives me the excuse to add this picture.



Espresso does not last long.

Espresso does not last long.

Then I decided it would be a great idea to do my own nails. Usually I do a pretty good job, not this time.

Behold! The champion. Cue Rocky music.

Behold! The champion.
Cue Rocky music.

Over the weekend Whiskey and I went to a great park here in Austin. It’s mostly an off-leash dog park so she can roam free! My friend Liz and I took our dogs on Saturday and I liked it so much Whiskey and I went back on Sunday for a long hike.

I think she liked it.

I think she liked it.



And yes, I think she looks a little bit high in this picture, but she was looking at the sun! What more can you ask for?!

But the park was very pretty, for Texas, and it would be really great as a Halloween park during the fall.

Texas parks are cool.

Texas parks are cool.

One of my friends is leaving Austin soon, which sucks, but I know she wants to move to a better place for her so away she goes to San Francisco. So she and I went to taco and coffee, a true Austin treat. We went to coffee at Houndstooth Coffee. One of the best joints in Austin. They really know their coffee and they have a great choice of espresso everyday.  If you’re ever in Austin they are worth the extra few cents for a great cup.

On their counter I noticed a nice little Halloween display.

OOOOOO! Spooky Flowers!

OOOOOO! Spooky Flowers!

Turns out it wasn’t a Halloween display. It was actually just flowers that had wilted and no one had taken them off the counter yet.

It was a great weekend overall and I’m glad that Austin is home. So much amazing is coming up soon. I’m going to Boston in 10 days! I get to see my sister and Harvard and amazing times await.

Also, I got some new spoons in Denver. I love tiny spoons.




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