Labor Day and week too

What a weekend! I don’t usually really enjoy the weekends. They’re nice but not A-mazing. I like my work so I’m always happy to get back to Mondays. I like routines, what can I say? This weekend was the exception, it was really a great weekend.

Saturday I was able to go out with a crew that is training for the Pumpkinhead. It’s a 5k rowing race here in Austin around Halloween. It’s great, crews dress up and race for what seems like forever.

Some time I’ll do some research and put together a post on Crew and all the different regattas.

Head of the Colorado

Head of the Colorado

After rowing again on Sunday and Coxing for another crew I was wiped. It was about 5 hours on the water in 100+ degree weather so a nap was in order. I’m not usually a napper but I hit that couch hard.


We had a whole bunch of rowing friends over for a BBQ and, until the heat got too extreme, it was a good little cook-out. Turns out we can take the heat on the water but when we’re just sitting on land it’s a whole different story.

Can I haz burger?

Can I haz burger?

You think Whiskey wants some burger meat? That would have been nothing compared to the time she ate 3 pounds of fresh, ORGANIC, pastured chicken we had thawing on the counter. Not one tiny piece was left. She was a happy dog.

Wednesday I was supposed to go out with a different boat in training for the regatta but there were some unexpected circumstances and they had to cancel. Never one to miss out on a new experience I bought a Living Social voucher for a barre class.



I went to the Barre3 location in downtown Austin for a whole new experience. I regularly lift weights so I was expecting some smaller moves to be hard. I was not disappointed. The teacher was great! Melissa led us through a series of warm-ups, stretches and isometric holds that put the burn in burn-inator. I think I’ll be feeling this one tomorrow, I’m already starting to feel it today. I’d recommend it if you’re in Austin and you’re as much of a fan of Living Socials as I am. 🙂

Austin’s been gone on a business trip all week so it’s just been me and Whiskey. When I told her he was coming home today this is the face she gave me.

I think she's happy

I think she’s happy

I think she’s pleased about that. As am I. 🙂


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