Like a Crazy Person

Do you ever have those mornings where the day just seems to start with a rocket? Well today was one of those days. 

I woke up and went to the gym. I stopped Cross Fit a while ago when I noticed a hitch in my shoulder. When I would scale my workouts I wouldn’t really feel worked out because a shoulder is a MAJOR part of the body. You don’t realize that until that part of you isn’t working anymore. I’ve gone back to the gym and I’ve been doing longer lifts with a program called THE WEIGHT LOSS REBELS. They’re good, and they’re bad, as in bad-ass. And they’re Canadian. Which I have always found fascinating.

There are a few other groups of people that I find absolutely fascinating:

The Amish


Canadians (see above)

Urban Farmers

Burners (Patrons of Burning Man)

Really Strict Vegans

And a few others…

So, it’s not just religion, it can be culture, location or lifestyle.

Back to the Gym. There was a man there doing squats and lifts in his flip-flops. Now, I’m all for going natural, primal, whatever. But this was gross, does he know how many people spit on that floor. I’ve seen it too many times. But the worst part of all was that he was doing all of his lifts POORLY! Seriously poorly. And I could tell he wanted to correct my form on my squats, but I kept on chugging.

The workouts that the ladies (and guy) of WLR put together are awesome and the sanity that they offer is a breath of fresh air. I’m not paid by them, I don’t work for them, but I’m glad to give them some of my hard earned bucks to keep them fighting the good fight. I’ve seen too many people (myself included) go down the path of lots of cardio and not enough friggin food. Oh, and that whole body shaming thing doesn’t work for me.

I wish I could find a female partner to work out with at the gym. Maybe I’ll check out the CL boards and hope I don’t find a creeper.

After I got back from the gym I had to work a while on the computer, and then the great shopping dash began. Here was part of our list.

Just a small part of the To Do list for the weekend.

Just a small part of the To Do list for the weekend.

We’re having a party for Labor Day. We’re inviting some of our improv friends and some of my rowing friends so it should be an interesting mix of people. Hopefully not too odd.

Thank God I had a pour-over coffee from Anderson’s Coffee to keep me sane and moving. Seriously, the best coffee that I’ve found in Austin. And there is a LOT of great coffee here.

Pour-Over Goodness

Pour-Over Goodness

So off we went, trying our best to link shopping trips to save fuel when the heat really gets up there. Now in Austin we’re expecting a high of 104. ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR DEGREES. I don’t remember signing up for this. Yesterday after our coffee-work day this is what my car read, all the way home.

Nope. NOPE. NO.

Nope. NOPE. NO.

We finally made it back home, and actually in record time, even with me needing to stop back at the house to answer some more e-mails.

Note to self: Get my friggin phone fixed so I can answer ALL of my e-mails from my phone. For some reason not all of my accounts can send mail. Help!

Now I’m at another coffee shop here in Austin. Pacha, one of my favorites (and it’s really close), to take a conference call because I don’t want to use my A/C too much. Austin’s out running errands and I have the computer to myself so I can work wherever I need! I love working from home. I can’t knock it most of the time.

Love my life~



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