Doin’ if for Myself

I’m a work-from-home lady or WFH if you chose to use acronyms. I personally can’t stand acronyms when they’re associated with military uses but for everyday things I love them. 

TDL: To Do List

JIT: Just in Time

JIC: Just in Case

Love these little shorteners and I also get just as crazy about them when people use them wrong. As the great comedians at Second City in Chicago have so brilliantly pointed out:

Saying ATM Machine is saying, Automated Teller Machine Machine. And Saying PIN Number is saying Personal Identification Number Number. It doesn’t drive me up the wall, but it does give me that smug sense of satisfaction of knowing that I say that right. 

Back to the real issue at hand. Today has been a bust, work wise. I’ve had nothing to do and that makes me a very bored Ann. After rowing early this morning and getting in a quick weight workout in the Janky-Gym at the boathouse (really, I’ll take pictures some time and show y’all how I have to makeshift a lot of workouts) I got home and walked the dog with Austin. 

And then after that…nothing. Really, nothing. 

I’m waiting for my boss to get back from overseas so I hurried and finished all of my work early this week in anticipation of a final rush, a rush that never happened. So, here I am at a coffee shop working with the huz on my blog and hoping that I get my volunteer info from the Head of the Charles Regatta soon!


Boats on the Charles River. THE CHARLES!!

The head of the Charles means cool weather. I’m slowly melting away here in Austin. 

Oh! Back to Austin. Today we’re working at Cenote, a nice little Coffee Shop here in Austin. Warning: Everything in Austin is just as cool as you expect it to be and Cenote is no Exception!


I love the light blue and red combo at their bar. Not a bad view for work.Image

This is also a picture of the Huz working and our lovely lil’ mac that I get to work from until my work computer comes through.

I don’t know what brand of cold brew coffee they use but it’s killer. I do wish they’re A/C was a bit cooler but the coffee more than makes up for it. 

So, I guess I at least got a start on my blog after being idle for a while. That’s one good piece of time I got from my day of boring. Oh! And I found out I put my underwear on backwards today. THIS is what happens when I’m bored. This stuff doesn’t happen when I’m hurried. I think my body needs some slight stress to function properly. 





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