So, you eat what now?

Yes ladies and gents, I’ve gone from very strict paleo to a world where I’m eating five meals a day. In an effort to move my muscle in the right direction I’ve begun going to a gym again, yes, a regular old gym. Not a box, not a crossfit locale and not just an outdoor jungle gym, although that last one sounds like a lot of fun.

I’ve been paleo for a long time. It started out by just going gluten-free, then I became scared of carbs and took almost all of those out. So out went rice, corn and most other grains. No bread, no pasta and I never looked back. Gluten has never been a friend of mine but it never told me that. I took it out of my diet and what change did it make?


Not that much on the outside. I didn’t lose a massive amount of weight, I didn’t notice my skin get better and I didn’t notice any pains go away. However, I wasn’t dealing with most of those issues to begin with. I was always on the heavier side and what young girl wasn’t looking for a get-skinny-quick plan.

What I did notice however was that my poops got much better. I had always had G.I. issues and that little fact alone was enough to make me stay the course. Then my mood began to get better. I had an outrageous case of anxiety in college, along with insomnia and other stress related issues and they slowly begin to slip away the longer I was gluten free.

For the past few years I have stuck with a much more strict paleo regime of no Gluten, diary, grains, sugars, etc. and it was alright for a while. Honestly, one of the best parts about paleo has been the people I’ve met. Some are crazy zealots, and some are half-assing their paleo and they don’t care because they’ve made the changes they wanted to make and saw the changes they wanted to see. Some of the people are in it for the whole food nature and some are in it for the sustainability.

I love it for the mishmash of all of these facts and the fact that I feel the top minds in this field are head and shoulders above many of the doctors working today.

Some of my favorites:

Marks Daily Apple– Mark Sisson

Robb Wolf– Yep, you guessed, Robb Wolf

The Whole 9– Melissa and Dallas Hartwig

Jimmy Moore– a champion of the low-carb set

When I attended PaleoFX last year I was able to get an amazing understanding about how fast this community is growing and how much it changes from day-to-day as new studies are verified and new theories are tested. There are so many different ideas about what paleo is, what primal is and what IT IS that works for you. And right now a little bit of rice is going a long way for me. And boy have I needed it! I’m always doing amazing things here in Austin, like rowing on Lady Bird Lake!

I'm the one in Green! Great picture, right?

I’m the one in Green! Great picture, right?

What I have learned, and chosen not to listen to for a long time, was that I need carbs   for my system. I need more than just veggie carbs, fruit carbs don’t work for me but rice works ok and soaked oats have been pretty good for my system. It did take some time to get my system back into alignment but everything seems to be moving smoothly (if you get my drift). I am now doing what is working for me.


A little Whiskey in the morning.

I’m a rower and I walk our awesome dog Whiskey for at least a mile in the morning and night.

My husband and I work from home and we stay very active. We use stand-up desks, we foam roll and we perform regularly (we’re comedians). We need our food, and as another bastion of sanity in this world has said. Eat the Food. 

Next up. What I’m eating and why.


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