PFX13 and what happens next

Hey all (A.K.A. mom and one friend who reads this)

This past weekend was PaleoFX13 in Austin, TX. For those of you who may not know what PFX is here’s the down and dirty. It’s a convention put on in Austin for all things surrounding the Paleo and Primal community.

It. Was. Amazing.

Not only did I have the chance to get away from work for a few days but I got the chance to be around some of the most influenciail and intelliegent people in the paleo community but also some people that are just pretty to look at. Which led me to the most interesting epiphany of the conference. I was sitting in on a panel about transformation. There were some amazing speakers. Jimmy Moore, Stacy Toth, Steve Cooksey, Jimmy Moore, Abel Bascom, and George Bryant. I was expecting it to be something on par to a before and after panel but it took a few unexpected turns.

The Transformation Panel

The Transformation Panel

* First, the frank talk of addiction and how it comes in all forms in our world of clean eating. From the norms like food and alcohol to the ones that are sometimes lauded like cardio and exercise.

* Second, the varying approaches to their success. Everyone has a different start point, everyone has a different path and everyone has different downfalls.

* Third, and the most surprising, was the brief little bit about orthorexia. Basically un-healy obsession with being healthy. Stacy Toth, the lovely woman behind Paleo Parents was touching, lovely and true. Something rarely met in this world of beauty and images.

This one was the most surprising because it was obvious, painful in some ways, how many people were struggeling with this. You see the big, small and pained faces in the panels and in the audience. You see it in some, but many hide it well. I’m not sure how to address this topic best but one of my favorite tweets from this session…I was live tweeting like a fiend…*amazonann77 if you’re interested* was this:

#PFX13 separate yourself from false images, forgive yourself, and cancel your f@$king magazine subscriptions.

It’s as simple as that. Every day? Ug, yes every single day. Sometimes this feels like a trudge, sometimes it feels like a breeze. Ok. So here’s the great people.


The amazing and lovely Stacy TothIMG_2803

Ahhh yes, Mr. Able James. Representing ATX!

The ever inspiring Jimmy Moore!!

The ever inspiring Jimmy Moore!!


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