Sometimes you have to mark the good stuff

I’ve been mulling over another post a lot lately. I’m not sure where it’s headed but I’m just going to leave this window up during the day and I’m going to see where it goes.

I’m feeling really good. For the past few days I’ve been sleeping really well, feeling really good and my clothes are the tiniest bit looser. Looser. Is that real? Anyway, I don’t know if these things are connected but I think it has something to do with this one thing. Running. I’ve added running back into my schedule 2-3 days a week and I have missed it so much. I am almost always smiling while I run. I’m always really enjoying the feeling of moving even if it’s slow, really slow, almost painfully slow.

Yes, I got another metric. I got a heart rate monitor and per a chiropractor orders I’ve been keeping my heart rate at a low rate 135-145 for the entire run. It’s actually feeling really good though at that level. I can run and run and run and I don’t really get tired. I just get bored with some of the sights so I think I’m going to hit the trails soon and see how that goes.

I just love to run. To get out there. Yes, it may take me some time, some boring time in the house just fiddling around but I need that time to get into the head space and the more often I run the faster that head space comes.

I’m not sure what it will do to my adrenal system. It’s a concern but the biggest thing to worry about with adrenals is stress and I have not been under more stress then when I can’t get a run in. And I haven’t been running for a few months (consistently).


Well, after a few stressful days I’m back and I haven’t checked my temps but I’m feeling better. I’ll fill this space with some info about a wild week.




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