Perfect Health

Perfect Health, isn’t that what this is all about?

ImageThese are the rough guidelines for Paul Jaminet’s Perfect Health diet. 

This is the basis for some of the ideas I’ve been gathering over the last month in the search for my best health diet. I have done a lot of thinking about when I was my slimmest, what I was eating then and I’ll tell you what, it was not the LOW-LOW carb. It was moderate carb, moderate fat, moderate protein.  There was little deprivation, other than from cookies. It was when I was following WW, which is a good plan for so many people but I hated the meetings, the ladies, the judgment. I can’t stand it. 

   I’m finding out that my blood sugar is really normal when I have a good amount of carbs and but I am learning that my protein may have been too high and my body was turning that into a form of sugar. Wait, what? Right?! Not even fun. Nope, the amount of protein and fat I was eating could have been used as glucose as my body saw it, if I’m understanding correctly.  And I may not be getting the science right but you get the point. 

   So here I am, eating carbs 30-40g.s with EVERY MEAL! It’s crazy but I feel different after being low carb and on the diet train for so many years. I believe that Paul is right, that the body needs these carbs for brain function and I was not giving my body what it needed!

   So, here I am again. At a new beginning, eating carbs, eating fats and eating protein like a good person. I don’t want to be the 113 pound girl I was before but I don’t want to be here either. So I want to be comfortably in the middle. They say that this diet change may bring a few extra pounds at first but then it comes off. So, here I go. I’ll try to eat less fruit in the evening. Less of everything in the evening and more food during the day, good food. 

Wish me luck, send me prayers and hope for the best. 



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