Things I find interesting

So over this journey I’ve found a few things interesting while testing my blood sugar. 

1. This could go overboard, just like so many other things in life when it comes to attempting health. I could see going through test strips like water. Going to check after every meal, after every drink just trying to stay within “good” ranges. 

2. I had little idea what really effects blood sugar. 

     Case in point: When I would wake up in the morning with a good blood sugar I would think, “gee, I can just not have breakfast and get it even lower, go down to where glucagon (needed for fat access) will kick in and I’ll lose weight! Great!” Yesh, No. As a matter of fact it went up, way up. 

3.) Most of the time my blood sugar is really normal. There were no really bad readings, even when I was trying to get higher readings it didn’t go above 117. 

Overall, it’s another good tool to use to see how my body reacts to things. While I was doing this I was not eating grain, fitting with the paleo life, but I decided to indulge in one of my favorite treats from the time before paleo…cereal. I didn’t go for cap’n crunch or trix but I went with simple puffed rice and puffed corn. The simple form of whole grains. Just those on the end of a good meal took my blood sugar up, but not as far as I expected. I believe that was the high of 117.  Still, I’m not going back to grains soon. I still don’t think they’re good for me. 

4.) Not B.S. related but I did find out that corn can make me very emotional. When I did eat corn, in the puffed form, I got very weepy. For some reason chips, tortillas, other corn goods don’t bother me as much. Just an interesting aside. 

Also, checking Blood kid of shut down one of my biggest problems, night eating! This may not help forever, and I’m realizing that the emotional is much more involved with this than anything. But, for now, I know that I want to check it one hour after my first bite, which means I have to stop eating after an hour. When I have an evening free it’s spent looking for things to eat and generally I eat too much. 

    I like breakfast, I’m ok with lunch but I love having an open dinner. I will skimp on the two first meals of the day if I know I can totally pig out at dinner. Even if we go out to eat with friends and I eat very wisely I will still have a dessert and maybe even a “second dinner” like I’m a friggin hobbit! 

    So, I’m working on the emotional bit here and in another realm. It’s painful but It’s needed. It’s hard, but to remove these obstacles it’s worth it. To lead the life that I love and that I’m able to be comfortable with is worth every minute. Worth every pain, feel and hunger. 

So this digressed from just, what I learned about B.S. to what I’m still learning. Still. 


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