So this is more of a personal journal than a public one, but who knows. I’ll leave it public in case someone else out there finds it helpful. I’m not going to go over my full history here but I will say that I, like too many women, have been on a diet for most of my memorable life. Whether or not I called it a, lifestyle change, way of eating, whatever, I’ve been on a diet. 

   Parts of me wish I would have NEVER learned what a calorie is. 

Either way, calories or not I have sapped out my adrenal glands and now I am looking to repair my mind (just as crazy) and my body. To do this I am undertaking an exercise overhaul. Meaning I’m not doing it, not endurance exercise at least. I’m going to go lift heavy weights, make my muscles tear and go on longs walks, and thankfully since I’m in Austin, go on long rows. 

   I just got a glucose meter at the request of my nutritionist and it has been VERY revealing. I don’t know how well it will play into my healing process but it’s really fucking fun. Not that I like pricking my finer, but I don’t hate it. 

I’m going to record my findings so far here:


Feb 2nd-

After a very carb heavy dinner with corn and popcorn: 109 post dinner (1 1/2-2 hours)

Feb 3rd

Morning upon waking: 41

After drinking a carb/protein/fat mix for endurance and an easy row: 88

After lunch moderate carb: 94

4 hours after lunch before a snack: 69

So now I’m measuring my basal temp in the morning and hoping to get my body temp back up so I will have a fully functioning, rocking metabolism. 

I’m not testing my temp for fertility reasons, which a lot of women do, but I might track it along the way just to see my changes. 

Feb 2nd: 95.5

Feb 3rd: 99.1, 99.7 <–this may have been a false reading since I didn’t sleep well the night before and they say that changes body temp. 


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  1. So interesting. When I got gestational diabetes I had to monitor blood sugar, fasting in the am and after each main meal. So interesting to see what did what to my sugars. Since having the bub I’ve just been following the ideas the doctors gave me, which is to eat wholesome fresh food lots of veg, no to the potato but to swap for the sweet variety and to not be afraid of pasta and rice but to simply measure the quantities(cooked) and to balance with veg/salad. I’ve struggled with getting to my comfortable size for years and losing the last 10 lbs that will make the difference to how I feel in my jeans. So far, 4 months in post baby, I’ve lost all of my mammoth 50lb pregnancy weight gain and now I’m tackling that 10lbs. My exercise has been walking with the baby, not running which I hate. I’m noticing the trees and other people and I’m smiling. Also, my blessing – Dark chocolate does not make the meter spike a reading! The docs let me have 6 weird readings a week. Sometimes you just get a crazy one.

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