What color is my bike?

How fast do I ride my bike?

How new is my bike?

Well, at the end of the Whole30 that I’ve been doing for the past 28 days I’m getting ready to ride my own bike. A bike I’ve let others ride for too long! Well, like the sometimes-child we can all be, I am taking my bike back.

(HINT: Bike is a metaphor for life *wink, wink*)

The couple that formed this program ask you to “ride your own bike” as you leave the program. Under the Whole30 you have strict guidelines to follow and you can be “that person” and feel ok because you can blame the program for not drinking/eating/going out too late. However, when the 30 comes to and end you no longer have someone steering your bike for you. You have to take the handlebar and make those decisions yourself.

This ownership isn’t a free-for-all of food/drink/fun. Well, I guess it can be, but most people, I’d like to think, chose a different path. For some the 30 days is a cleanse, a weight loss program, a reason to give up chocolate, but I love the emphasis they place on these four weeks being a healing process.  Now, I may have moved to Austin, a very touchy-feely kind of town, full of metaphysical fairs and reiki masters but I am a big fan of healing yourself instead of going to the doctor whenever possible. HAVE YOU SEEN DOCTORS BILLS? Try $250.00 for a paper mache sling for my arm when I broke it a few years ago.

Pay the farmer now, or the doctor later.

Heal thyself.

All that good saying stuff.

Crap, I have to go to the chiro now. Wait…is that a doctor? Or is he like a mechanic? Either way, I want to talk about my bike more in a bit. Tonight.


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