All the weeks!

Ok, I’m going to work backwards from this morning until Wednesday! It will feel like time travel. I promise. Ok, maybe not.

Sunday morning:

Breakfast/Brunch with friends: Three poached eggs and bacon and ham. Can you say booty by Bacon?

Lots of coffee and lot’s of tea (green, white, black) I’m just so colorblind!

Snack: Greens pack and some coconut butter

Saturday: Early Breakfast-Hard boiled egg

Lunch: Another hard-boiled egg and a tin of oysters (feel the variety)

Dinner: Salad greens with a burger from Biker Jim’s and a fried egg on top

Snack: Cashews and celery


B: Two eggs and bacon

Lunch: Two eggs and greens with a tin of oysters!

Dinner: I had a stomach ache so I just made some warm ground beef and steamed broccoli with carrots

Snack: A little bit of coconut butter

Thursday: I decided to do an IF day because I wasn’t hungry at breakfast, or at lunch so I had a 10oz. Sirloin for dinner with a big fat tomato and some ghee.



B: Just a mug of eggs

L: Omlette with bell peppers and tomatoes

Dinner: 8oz ground beef with Brussel sprouts and ghee (another delicious choice) I love Brussel Sprouts!! So green, so good.


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