Wow, so 9 Days left?

Okie dokie. Here we go, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!

   Sunday was a nice big breakfast of spinach and eggs

  Lunch was light, some cashews and carrots with a tin of oyster (can you tell I love stinky fish?)

  Dinner was delicious grassfed beef and brusslesprouts

Monday was much same:

Breakfast: Uncured sausage and eggs with spinach in bacon drippings

   Lunch was nuts and coconut butter 

Dinner was yam fries and beef again, double yum. 

Today, back at work I forgot my breakfast and lunch so I had to improvise. 

This morning and afternoon I made an egg-mug with veggies (something I have been needing more of)

Early dinner snack was a bit of chicken and some tomatoes after my workout

Dinner was Ono fish and the last of our asparagus (won’t be buying that again too soon)

Dessert was some coconut milk creamer I’ve been working on and some carrots with cashew butter

If I don’t win this challenge, it’s not a big deal, I’ve gained a lot of insight during this and I’ve become to realize things about my body I never thought possible. I hope to keep going down this good caveman path. 


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