Tuesday Thru Sunday (20 days down)

I was not really hungry at all this week, which is odd, because I love food and I love eating! Highly distressing seeing as how I work out 6 days a week and I feel like I should be hungry more often. For the sake of Pete! I work in a grocery store! Anyway, here is my kinda boring food for this week. 


B: Eggs and bacon

L: Tuna and a green salad with homemade dressing

D:Strip loin steak



B:Kale and eggs

L: Salad with Strip loin meat (Leftover)

D: Salad and hardboiled eggs



B: Eggs

L: Salad and tuna

D: Avocados and roasted Chicken



B: Eggs and bacon

L: Salad with dressing and oysters

D: Roasted chicken (leftovers)



B: Eggs and bacon

L: Oysters and veggies

D: Burger with a fried egg and cauliflower 



I got tickets to the book of Mormon and I had to trek to the coffee shop to get good reception. It was COMPLETELY WORTH IT! I am so excited and so happy about getting these tickets! I know it’s months away but I’m already planning that whole week out!

B: Two eggs (too nervous to eat)

L: Coffee date, seaweed and savi seeds

D: Chicken thighs and mixed veggies with salad, cinnamon on butternut squash

Dessert: Sunflower butter and coconut butter


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