Sunday and Monday

Monday’s food was rather boring as I was running all over town

Breakfast: Eggs and bacon

Lunch: salad with chicken

Dinner: ground buffalo

Snacks were/are pretty much the same: greens and cashews with some coconut butter thrown in for good measure.

Tuesday was a work day and a little more interesting as the food goes…

Breakfast: Eggs and overcooked bacon

Lunch: Tuna with salad and veggies and homemade dressing (I really had no idea how easy it is to make dressing that rocks)

Dinner: Strip loin steak and kale sautéed in bacon drippings.

I wanted to post about my body and all of the sensations that I’m getting in touch with right now (tee hee). Really! I was able to feel my flow (gross to some but startling and true to me) and then last night it hit me. I had my moment.

Maybe it was all the fat I have been eating recently, maybe it’s the paleo side in me coming out, maybe it was just one of those things but last night was my turning point. I didn’t want the foods I usually crave in the evening. I didn’t want anything sweet, I didn’t want any bread, no crackers, no jams, nothing. It struck me that this is what my body wants and needs to eat. It has been waiting to eat this way for a long, long time and it’s taken me quite a while to find it.

I went through low-cal, no-cal, weight watchers, Atkins, I attempted mindful eating but my mind always wanted more.

This time my body is telling me something different. The workouts are shorter and more intense, the body is not losing weight but it’s reshaping. SOMETHING is going on. I stood in the shower last night wondering if I should have another snack and my body told me NO in a very clear voice. Perhaps it’s the ghrelin (sp?) finally able to speak since i’ve been away from all kinds of sugar for so long. Who knows? I only know that I feel different. Today a bit more anxious, like something is coming but I have no idea from where, or why. I’ll have to play today cautious because if I don’t my worry can get the best of me.

But now I’m going out for a quick sprint exercise. Exercise always makes me feel better, and while I still feel like I have to do it I don’t feel like I need to work out for hours and hours. It’s grey outside so I had better get going.


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