Wednesday Through Saturday and a bit o’ today!

Let’s see, we are almost half way through this thing and Austin and I are finding that we’re not as hungry. We want food it just seems to get redundant when we’ve reached this point. It’s very limited and frustrating. I’ll expound more on that but here’s my food for the week:


Wed: NOT hungry at all

Breakfast: Kale in Bacon drippings

Lunch: just a tin of oysters with olive oil

Dinner: eggs and some coconut butter


Breakfast: Eggs and bacon

Lunch: Salad and seafood

Dinner: baked pork and some mixed veggies

Friday: Another not too hungry day and (TMI, first day of cycle)

Breakfast: Eggs (no bacon!)

Lunch: Just oysters again (boring but yummy and oh so quick on a lunch break)

Dinner: Pork chops cooked in bacon drippings.

Snacks: Savi seeds and cashew butter

Dessert: strawberries and coconut milk (The good kind NATURAL VALUE)

SATURDAY: We do a dinner Detective Murder mystery in the evening and we work in the morning so food is really messed up on these days. I tend to eat very little when I work and work goes until around 11 pm.

Breakfast: Eggs and bacon

Lunch: ground beef and onions grilled

Dinner: Chicken and eggs and cashew butter for some extra fat and sugar balance


Breakfast out! : Poached eggs and bacon with mixed sauteed veggies and guac!


Back to more of the philosophical issues Austin and I are dealing with.

While we were out walking today we discussed about how we don’t CRAVE foods anymore but we are terribly frustrated with the redundancy of foods. It’s so cold that it makes getting salads and greens in difficult with our schedule. We do it, we’re not complaining here, just talking about the challenges that we face.

It’s a mental cleanse more than a physical cleanse in some ways. You are forced (by choice) to limit the foods you eat. In this modern world it’s hard being gluten-free but to limit it further by grains, butter, cheese etc. it’s kind of a mind fuck. I like the way I feel and I noticed small changes everyday. I admire the strength in by myself and my husband for taking this challenge so seriously! Still, every day seems to be a cost/benefit analysis. If I eat this, what will it do to me? If I choose not to eat this, will I be doing myself a favor?

On the good side, my workouts are becoming more intense and productive. I am feeling stronger and the funny looks at the gym crack me up. I’m glad I don’t have any problem doing quick workouts that look ridiculous. I love intensity in life and passion and this has brought about a chance to look at what my true passion is.

I work in the health food industry and I am happy doing what I do. I love helping people who are ready to make a change and I love educating so I am looking on making a change in that direction. That’s all I have for now. But all-in-all I’ve enjoyed the opportunity this challenge has given me. Also, I’m soooo ready for some stevia in my coffee in three weeks!!!





One thought on “Wednesday Through Saturday and a bit o’ today!

  1. I do see the strengthening bond, even more so, between you two working together on this singular goal. Not being a weight watcher but how you feel and fit in your skin are valuable goals. you seemed more in balance and I thought your aura energy was more balanced than I’ve seen in quite a while. With your advice when I started this diet in June, I tried without dairy initially for a month and then I started putting it back in because I really missed it and realized I was OK with just moderation in Dairy; always ate nuts though as my replacement for Chocolate; ate more fruit in the beginning for that sweetness I guess, but now less and less. my desire for a glass of wine now and then is my craving but I find I never finish the glass now….. hmmmmm.
    PS you both look amazing…. I saw it in your hips immediately when I saw you in the store aisles but then got distracted with shopping but figured you wouldn’t believe me anyway and would think I was just being mommy…. Austin looks that much taller now….you are ALWAYS beautiful my dear, always….

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