Monday and Tuesday

Monday is my Sunday so I didn’t do as much as I normally would on a workday. 

I had a nice quick egg for breakfast 

lunch was some tinned oysters and a small salad

dinner was almost the tail end of the chicken curry

Tuesday: two eggs and two bacons!

Lunch was the same, oysters and salad

Dinner was awesome, Austin made up bacon with asparagus spears, mashed cauliflower, and baked chicken. It really was amazing. 

Dessert was toasted cashews and coconut. 

I’m still feeling hungry during the day so I try to eat more coconut butter and oils. I don’t miss the sweets at all but I do miss something of flavor in my coffee except for cinnamon. But still, the desire wanes. I’m proud of us for doing this and I do feel my energy level going up but I wish the weight would come off faster (what woman doesn’t). 

It’s not like a silly desire like that is going to keep me from completing this. I’ve done things harder than this and a little lack of sugar isn’t going to deter me! Mwahahahahhaha


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