Day three (okay by me)

Day three and some of the cravings have subsided! Not wanting sugar as much. Still want it, just not as much.

Biz-nas time:

Breakfast: two hard boiled eggs and salsa

Lunch: Big salad with veggies, olive oil and vinegar dressing and buffalo meatballs

Dinner: Pork chops and brussel sprouts

Snack: savi seeds and coconut butter, as well as a carrot with some cashew butter (lovely little snack)

   I have never really been able to “beat” getting sick so I think this may be a first! I was up all night sneezing, yes, sneezing. It’s such an odd symptom. It’s much funnier than coughing and not as painful as other bodily expulsions *ahem* that can occur while being sick. If this is what being sick on paleo is like, I’ll take it. 

   I’ve also had the thought that maybe this is just the healing crisis. All those sugar loving bits leaving my body rapidly. Who knows, I just hope I’m over it soon, I can only take so many easy yoga days. 

Till tomorrow. 


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