First the business:

Breakfast: Chicken thigh with eggs 

                Avocado and tomatoes

  Lunch: Big Ass salad with leftover chicken thigh and avocado

              Olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing

 Snacks: 1 T. cashew butter, and 1T coconut butter

  Dinner: Hard boiled eggs and salsa


  Now the other business, DAMN I WANT SOMETHING SWEET. I can feel the desire. I know I do not need something sweet, but I want something sweet. Even if it’s not too sweet. I don’t like fruit too much, I find the fructose makes me kind of crazy, and then all I want is more. However, I may try a small amount in the future if the cravings continue. 

  In the world of good news my sense of smell has grown quite acute over the last two days. Every lovely food or perfume has become stronger. I have to wonder about the cause of the increased sense. I have led a good diet for a while now so it makes little sense to me that by cutting out dairy and stevia/xylitol my sniffer gets extra sensitive!

  I’m hoping to start seeing a difference by next week or the week after. Until then it’s just about planning. Fail to plan is a plan to fail. 


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