Paleo Challenge (Day 1)

Hell-O Pale-O!

    It’s the first day of the 30 day paleo challenge for Austin and I. Today I decided to start with and IF and do a short term fast since I haven’t been eating as well as I would like over the past few days. My Birthday was this weekend and New Year’s eve was the day before so I was full of crap foods. 


First things first:

Breakfast and lunch: Tea and coffee (no stevia!! Arg, I miss my sweets)

Dinner: a ribeye steak (10oz) cooked in ghee and one big ol’ tomato

            a few teaspoons of coconut milk in some coffee 

Now off to do some laundry and try to keep my mind off of all the sweet, sweet “paleo” chocolate I can’t have for another month. I know I should be thinking of all of the great primal food I CAN have but it’s gonna be a tough one. 

    I do admire the challenge though. It’s something to really press a person, really make a person work and push their mind to a new realm. It’s not going to be easy and even though my husband, Austin, will be doing this with me, it has to be a journey we take on our own. We all have our vices when it comes to food: ice cream, cookies…whatever it may be, and there is only one person, one way over our vices: the mind. The mind, backed by belief is an amazing tool. We shall see what this mind is capable of. Even without sugar…ug. 


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