Time to play katsup

I’ve been a bad Blogger and I need to catch up on what makes me happy. This had been a few rough few days. The brain and the body take a toll when under stress. There are few things I find solace in. I’m not a knitter, not a TV zoner-outer (unless Tosh is on) so I have to rely on my friends, family and mostly my love, Austin. So, I’ve decided to devote this post to him.



He's to sexy for my hat.



14.) He SERIOUSLY gives me food rubs every night. Sickness and health, whether he’s tired or not. It is truly an amazing thing. There is something to be said about the healing touch of another person.


How's that for love?


I know, I can’t take a bad picture. It’s just genetic I guess.

15. He does things he doesn’t have to do. He takes me seriously, even when I didn’t think I needed it. It’s hard sometimes for me, and even more difficult for him to help me, but without him I doubt I would be here today. Well, I would not be as happy without him, at least.

16. He is theatrical, ALMOST to a fault. He will never fail to make me smile, whether it’s with his antics or just by playing the Benny Hill theme song (it has some other worldly power over me)


That's no moon, that's an Austin!


17. He puts things into, er, perspective for me. Namely, this apple. I like small things, he’s a big guy. It makes me happy.


He also has great teeth


18. He has an eye for grandeur. He’s meant for big, important things and the big, important things in life don’t pass him by. He embraces them.


19. He never misses a chance to give me a compliment.



Awwww, you shouldn't have.


20. He notices the small things, the beautiful things on the street, in people, in conversations, that other people sometimes miss.


On the streets of Dublin


21. He can bring home the bacon, or the pumpkin.


22. All of this. His pure love. I love this man. He is a lighthouse for me.


Ewww gross, they’re kissing.


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