Soaring to new heights

Three days have elapsed. Three very telling days about what makes me happy, and what does not. But every step away from the bad, takes me closer to the good. Or so I hope. So, let’s move away from the things I do not need. I do not need these lousy jobs. I need one wonderful job.

Yet, there are some amazing things about my jobs.

11.) They allow me to see things like this from the 41st story of the Cash Register building in Downtown Denver.

Mountains and me

Seriously, pay NO attention to my mustard colored shirt

For a second it made me want to be a lawyer at this firm. But for right now that does not speak to me. Serving people speaks to me. I don’t think I’ll always be serving them drinks but I think service of one form or another is in my blood.

12. Finding Hidden Treasure- During my times at my job I am confronted with people I normally might never talk to on the street. I take these people for granted sometimes, they have lessons and skills that always surprise and amaze me. No, I haven’t met any homeless people with voices of liquid gold but how many people do you know that can do this?

BAM! Let's see you do that Rachel Ray.

It’s a rose! Made out of an orange peel. I’m told this is much harder than the ever-popular tomato rose. Let this be a lesson to me, and to you too maybe: Talk to strangers, you never know what they will show you. (Hopefully nothing under a trench coat, though).

Now to add a bit of levity! You can ask Austin if this is true, but one of my favorite things in the world, for no reason at all is…

Tiny Spoons!


Oh my! That spoon is Tiny!




Whew, that was tiring. I’m going to bed now. Sleep, and move yourself further from that which you don’t need, and closer to what you do.


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