The Next five days of Happy

6.) Life- there is so much amazing life coming into this world in the next few months. 2011 is going to be full of beautiful, healthy babies from friends all over the country!


It's a Girl!

7.) When I was running on Saturday I ran by a small Wiener dog. It was speeding up to meet, and run with, every runner that passed it. I was, happily, no exception. It was like running with a thick noodle!

Not a dog running, but seriously? I can't stop looking at this picture.


8.) Knowing that things always have an upswing-I’ve been in a pretty crappy mood the past few days. As women are want to go through, from time to time, I have a rough week. I have to remind myself that things look up again once they are down. I am alive, I am healthy (and then some), and I’m safe.


Where do people think of these things?


I must have all future swings padded. And only those who wear steam-punk will be allowed to swing.

9.) sleeping late on the weekends-enough said

10.) Finding out that they make Adult Underoos-Thanks Katie and Chris!!

Not the actual par, but close!




One thought on “The Next five days of Happy

  1. My sense of Immaturity is making me happy… a teacher is being interviewed down the hall and I hear them talking about giving tests to students. I hear “She understood the Oral” and almost lost it! yeah… silliness is good!

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