The year of living Happily

I was huffing and puffing away on the elliptical trainer the other day in search of the elusive Happy Weight.

I was reading another random magazine when I began on an article talking all about what makes you happy, and how elusive actual happiness is. How it’s difficult to categorize and impossible to quantify. Different people are made happy by different things. One person’s elated is another person’s mundane day.

My fiance and I have a tradition that we do (or try to) every single night. No matter where we are, or if we can see each other.

(Now before it gets too dirty in that mind of yours read below)


We share the best part of our day. Whether it was a crappy day or a shitty day or an amazing day we try to find one nugget of good in all of it that stood out. Admittedly, there are some days that are just so crappy, or mundane that NOTHING stands out, but 99 times out of 100 there is something in every day that had made us happy.

The moral? There is happiness hiding in every day, well, most days. This is the year of happy. I have declared it so. And to start us off I’m going to name six things that are making me happy right now. I would like to write one thing for every day that makes me happy so by the end of the year I have 365 things that can make me smile.

1.) Austin-Easy and loving, top of my list

2.) The Walking Dead-never have dead people brought me so much joy

3.) The police recovering my bike-condition still unknown

4.) Dogs- even my sister’s bitchy dog Georgie, I hope to have one some day

5.) Hard Boiled eggs- they aren’t all going to be great (the happy thoughts, eggs though too)

6.) Grey High Heels- they make me feel chic


Now Your Turn. What makes you Happy?


3 thoughts on “The year of living Happily

  1. my kids, each and every one of them have something, every day, that I feel happy about them. my husband, OK most days, yes.

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