Merry Christmas from Santas Cousin

Pedro Clos. Yes, in Lubbock, TX and many other cities in the southwest as well, I assume Pedro will be making an appearance. It’s always fun to start your day with a holiday tit-bit or a fun fact but this one made me really grin. I would LOVE to see what Pedro looks like. I have a few humorous ideas that might be inappropriate to write here. If you know me, you know the comments.

We are in Lubbock visiting Austin’s parents. I decided to keep a photo journal (as often as possible)

Getting here was half the fun. We started in Denver (of course, if I ever call it D-town or the big D, maim me.) In the Denver airport they had a “Meet Santa” kiosk where you got three pictures taken with Santa. In one of the pics Santa would strategically close his eyes so the Microsoft people running the booth could show you their new “face-y replace-y” technology. It’s actually pretty cool. Here is the best of Denver.

Then we went onto taking fun pictures of each other.

Ann "Sassy Pants" Flynn












Then when we got to Albuquerque for our flight to Lubbock who was there?

Santa Again!!


Hello, We're here to see Santa

Aww Santa, you're an ok guy




What What? WE GET PRESENTS!!??

I’ll be back with a round-up of some other fun pictures soon. I just love these!




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