How to start a hipster Christmasd

Step one: Decide that having a living tree is just TOO MUCH to deal with. You can’t handle your own life, go to Target, but say you went to a vintage store.

Totally NOT target

Step two: Make sure the size is right for your bike. If you can’t get it on the bike then you’d have to take the bus, and frankly, public transportation is just that, the public. You are a hipster.

Size it up there...

Step Three: Have a local brew you snuck in in your nap-sack (not pictured)

Step Four: Smell the tree, for no reason.

Gotta get a deal, even with a trust fund.

Forty bucks? Sounds good.

Step Five: Chop down the tree and honor the earth spirits that give this gift to you!

Hiiiiiigh yah! Urban Ninja.



Meditate on it Ann.



Step Six: Time to go home. It’s almost happy hour. (I operate under the assumptionĀ that hipsters only drink and listen to the Decembrists and My Morning Jacket)

A proud new Papa.

Step Seven: Set-up said tree and photograph it with HAND-STRUNG popcorn chain, that seriously took me quite a while.

Oh, Christmas Tree.


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