Scary VS. Happy

It’s the battle of the weights. One is happy, one is scary and I’m not happy. Now before I get too far into this post I want to say that this is not going to be a weight-loss blog. I don’t want my life, or my blog to be about that. For some people that’s fine but not me. That said, it is on my mind a lot.


Because we should all measure our Apples


I seriously love food, maybe too much. When I stepped on the scale this morning my heart sank. And that’s difficult to feel measured, in any way, by a machine. Because that number has such a hold on so many parts of a person. The mind, the soul and the body (of course). It can take a good mood and sour it, it can take a peaceful outlook and turn it, and it can take a healthy body and weigh it down.

Now, I am a stubborn person, and when I set my mind to something it’s usually for the long haul, but for some reason I can’t get on the eat right, not too much, just enough, work out right wagon.


A different kind of scale. Better?


So, maybe this is the scale I should be looking to. I should be looking for the right kind of balance in my life. Something that measures me as a person, and not just digital lines. Sure, that’s easy. Just look at all my good bits and bad bits and separate them. Easy as….wait, crap, that is not easy AT ALL!

I have decided to get some help in this area. I have had Weight Watchers work for me a long time ago and now I’m hoping it can do the same again. But I need a buddy. I’m only accountable when it’s a competition. I need to be against something (physical weight), with someone.

Anyone out there understand? Want to join in?


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