For this, I am thankful…

On this day, I am thankful for so many things in my life. For Austin

He poses with Grammy!

For my family (rock-band included)


Lil' Bro


Lil' sis


Rock-Band and extended family



I love silly apps for the iPhone (witness my novice-ocity)

Good, Cheap, Fun! (well, cheap and fun at least)

I’m thankful that I have all of this and more. Amen.




One thought on “For this, I am thankful…

  1. ……..and we are thankful for you…..and all that you bring to our lives….. if we all think of our lives in this fashion, (how we can offer more than we receive) I believe we will truly be the lucky recipeint of great fortunes…. 🙂

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