From where does it come?

One day we can be riding high, happy as a little something-that-is-eternally-happy, and then the next day for little or NO reason we are down, way down. This is the American way. Bi-polar to the ends of the earth. Very little balance.

To find hope, beauty and joy in these darkest of moments is my goal. To be thankful of all I have is a damn difficult thing sometimes.

Driving home this evening in a beautiful gown, after having a quick dinner with the man I love, I passed the Denver Rescue Mission. It’s something to say, “yeah, I’m glad I am where I am”. It’s another to have it smack you in the face. This wasn’t the moment. The moment came later as I arrived home and I found myself thinking, “Damn, this cold sucks, where’s my damn key? Not that one, the one that opens the door. There, that key”. Then I was warm, then I was safe. With one possession I own I was able to get out of the cold and find respite inside my happy little apartment.

Where the hell do we get off being so friggin blind! I’m blind. I don’t get how I can go day-to-day and watch as people freeze and do nothing. From where does this empathy come? I feel that a post like this is so much bloggie crap so I’m going to end it now. I end it with the hope that I can change someone’s day tomorrow, for the better. I don’t know if it will be a gift I give, or an eye I open. Hell, maybe it’ll be me again. That’s the American way again! Give a gift to yourself! Your selfish!

BTW, I’m not in a bad mood. I think I just may be tired. Here’s a picture of a Choo-Choo.

I choo-choo choose you!

P.S. I promise no more stream of conscious posts from now on. Only well-formed, thought out pieces.


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