Oh, what a Magical day. But wait! There’s more!

Yes, friends, magic can be good…and evil.

I really do like my job. They let me take walks during the day, my c0-workers and I laugh all day long. And  I work in a beautiful area. I took this picture yesterday. I’m new to the whole camera-as-phone, phone-as-camera revolution so forgive my lateness.

Sittin' on a porch

I saw this as I was walking by a strip of historic homes and I thought it would be a nice attempt at semi-coloring. I was listening to a meditative radio station (I’m so fucking zen) and the leaves were whipping into tornados. It was other worldly. I kept thinking to myself, “God, this is amazing! I live in CO, it’s November and I’m walking outside in a t-shirt”.




Taken mid-afternoon yesterday (Thanks Chris)

As my bike tires hit the pavement. This sunny, Tuesday afternoon turned into this..

Cue Carmina Burana!

That’s right friends. Same clock tower, same day (different vantage point, thanks Chris). All that hell had to offer, it’s cold, wet grip layed down upon Denver for my 25 minute bike ride home.

But I did it. I rode home like a boss. LIKE. A. BOSS.

Two hours later I still couldn’t get warm so I went to a hot yoga class, convenient, I know. There, for an hour and a half I sweat so much I didn’t think it was possible to leave there without chugging a gallon on water. My clothes were more wet than when I got home from my bike ride in jeans. DID I MENTION I WAS IN JEANS?!

In summation, Colorado is a magical, wonderful, terrible, bi-polar state. This state giveith, and it takeith away. Like a boss. Amen.


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