People can change you.

What a whirlwind these past few months have been since I got back from Ireland.

Working on putting together a wedding.

Working hard to find a job I love.

Finding site after site for the ceremony, only to have them taken away 😦

Finding ways to save 🙂

Making peace with myself, and finding love and quiet in unexpected places

The past few weeks in particular have been very difficult. Working for different places, I don’t feel like I belong anywhere in particular. Every job I have is part time and I don’t really LOVE any of them (except for the ones that don’t pay or I only work once a week). I’ve been getting down on myself, on my body, on my path.

I do what I think is best: thank God for the lack of a tag on my toe, recognize every day as a new day and be grateful for what I do have…and I have a lot.

I could blame my mood on any number of things, trying on wedding dresses (see also: down on my body), the sun setting earlier, never having a day off, blah, blah, blah. I don’t know what the cause is, I have just felt under a cloud.

So, today, my first day off in quite some time, my mum and I went to a holiday craft fair for the fun of it. And let me tell you, this place was amazing. It was the place I had always imagined getting married. The Phipps mansion. And then I found out it had just been sold and was going to be made a private residence on Dec. 1st. Cue the waterworks.

I normally pride myself on my poker face, but in this case it was the last crack in the dam. I excused myself from the table and sat in the bathroom and let it out, got up, and moved on.

I continued shopping, all the while my mother was there, reminding me that everything will be ok. IT WILL BE OK. We stumbled upon a craft that I have been craving for some time. She is an amazing artisan who operates under the name Fern and Sprout. I LOVE her work. So we tried on a few pieces, decided on some fun ones and while we were talking to the lovely Sprouty (I don’t know if she wants her name given? Blogs confuse me) she mentioned a few locations that might work as alternates for the wedding.

She was so sweet, so kind that it literally turned my day around. It was the immediate affirmation that everything will be ok. It was the words of my mum in action. It was just what I needed. And tonight everything feels a little more calm, a little more real. It was two wonderful women that helped me realize, once again, everything is going to be ok.

And now, I’m excited, for feeling a little more, being a little tired, and knowing that tonight I go to sleep with a completed hutch (built by yours truly), a clean house (ditto, on the cleaning not building a house) and a smile on my face.

Talk to someone today, just a moment longer if you can. You never know when it may change your day, or theirs.


2 thoughts on “People can change you.

  1. you have no idea what a gift you gave me right back. feeling that what a mom says actually makes a difference is a gift, nothing less….and so much more.

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